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Hopkins Hacks Interview (Part 1)

In Part I of our conversation with Ria, we explore the education, Ph.D. route, and humanities at Hopkins. Ria is a Hopkins alumnus currently doing her Ph.D. at Cornell. In this episode, Ria shares her insights on finding your niche within the Humanities program, how to best use the resources available, and how to establish a strong network. Ria takes us through her journey of exploring beyond the Hopkins Bubble, about tackling personal insecurities and imposter syndrome, and providing valuable advice for fellow students facing similar challenges.

Hopkins Hacks Interview (Part 2)

In Part II of our conversation, Ria shares her thoughts on the importance of relationships and forming a support system while in grad school. From making friends to finding a balance between socializing and academics, Ria shares her experience in Adoremus, the Christian capella group on campus, that allows her to connect her faith with her music.

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SpoonieVR Interview

Study Researching Invisible Disability Representation in Social VR Seeking Participants


Cornell University students Lucy Jiang, Ria Gualano, and Kexin Zhang are conducting a research study on invisible disability representation via avatars in social VR.

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