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Current Projects

Disability Arts Exhibition
"Invisible Aspects of Disability and Neurodiversity"


Invisible Disabilities and Inclusive
Avatar Representation in Social VR

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Invisible Disabilities and University Accommodations for Students and Employees 


AI, Disability and Smart Cities


Current Affiliations

Cornell Virtual Embodiment Lab (VEL)

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Cornell New Media & Society (NM&S) Working Group 


Past Projects

Undergraduate Thesis


Memory and Fiction

I wrote two fictional stories within experimental parameters to help researchers study episodic memory.


Well-Being and the Built Environment

A review article on well-being and the built environment in collaboration with the team at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine:

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Social Media and Longitudinal Personality Change

A longitudinal analysis of personality change and its relationship with social media use via the The German Family Panel (pairfam) dataset.


Translating Real Life to Fiction

A humanities-based presentation at JHU's annual DREAMS Research Day with a focus on introducing principles of translating real life experiences to novel-writing as a hobby to supplement student self-care/health maintenance.

Interviewing Women with Invisible Disabilities

Awarded $1000 grant to perform qualitative interviews with women who have invisible disabilities.


Social Media Use and Empathy

Investigated the correlational relationship between social media use integration and empathy in college students as a final project for the JHU Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences course in Design & Statistical Analysis for Psychology.


The “self” in self-reports: The role of explicit online/offline distinctions in measurements of the self-concept

JHU Social Psychological Analysis of Relationship Cognition (SPARC) Lab

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Former Lab Affiliations

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